Colonial Garrison Home

Kit 1003

Phtoto of build up house

The origins of the colonial garrison home can be traced back to England. Originally this style of house was called a two-story English overhang - because the second story "hangs out" over the first. Versions of this type of house in America date back to the days of the thirteen colonies. This style of house is still commonly built today. These houses can be found in several areas of the country but are generally more common in the Northeastern United States.

Phtoto of an actual house

This lovely home sits in the autumn woods of Alton, New Hampshire.

This kit features:
  • Laser cut wood for easy assembly Complete with stone cast foundation Peel & stick shingles Mold injected windows and doors Shades printed on the acetate windows Scenic Express foam for vines Simple step by step instructions
  • Proudly made in the USA

This kit contains small parts and is not intended for small children.

Price: $54.95

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