Crossing Shanty. Winchendon, Massachusetts.

Set of two shanties.
Kit 1012

Phtoto of build up shanties

Phtoto of Winchendon, MA crossing shanty
Boston & Maine Crossing Shanty.
Winchendon, MA.

As long as there have been crossing gates that have needed lowered and raised manually there have been crossing shanties for the men that have manned the gates. This kit is based on the shanty shown in the photo above. This particular shanty dates back to about 1910 and is (was) located on the Boston and Maine Railroad in Winchendon, MA on a branch line that ran from Worcester, MA to White River Junction, VT. These types of shanties can be found pretty much on any railroad around the country.

This kit can be built up with several variations. With the awnings on or off, with the side box on or off. If you leave the front of the box off it can be used for wood storage (as in the photo) or with the front on as a coal bin or tool box. Maybe, in a warmer climate, you wouldn't even need a stove pipe. Or the pipe could come from the side wall rather than the roof, using the elbow of the pipe.

This kit features:
  • Supplies for two crossing shanties
  • Laser cut wood (Easy assembly!)
  • Peel & stick shingles
  • Mold injected windows and doors
  • Shades printed on the acetate windows
  • Several metal castings including 2 crossing tenders!
  • Simple step by step instructions
  • Proudly made in the USA

This kit contains small parts and is not intended for small children.

Price: $24.95

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