Lisbon Milk Shed and Express Freight Office.
Lisbon, New Hampshire.

Kit 1014

Phtoto of build up milk shed (front)

Phtoto of build up milk shed (back)

In the late 1900's through the 1940's milk was shipped to large city markets. This was big business for the railroads and the B&M Railroad was but one of many railroads that shared in the transportation of milk. This kit represents a typical 'up country' small town milk station with an REA building attached. Milk was shipped in milk cans in REA cars to larger locations to be "pasteurized" before shipping to large cities such as Boston. By the late 1900's the milk industry had out grown this small structure and was often replaced by creameries. The creameries processed the milk and then it was loaded into 'can cars' owned by the Railroads who then shipped directly to the market. Meanwhile the Milk Companies purchased their own milk cars which contained tanks for shipment to the milk markets. These cars were called milk tank cars. Both style of cars were used into the late 1940's when trucks gained the preferred method of milk transportation as is the case today.

Phtoto of the milk shed

Lisbon Milk Shed and Express Freigh Office, Lisbon, NH - circa 1900.
Photo from the collection of Roger Robar.

This kit features:

  • Laser cut wood for easy assembly
  • Peel & stick shingles
  • Mold injected windows and doors
  • Inlcludes all detial parts such as milk cans and shipping crates
  • Shades printed on the acetate windows
  • Simple step by step instructions
  • Proudly made in the USA

This kit contains small parts and is not intended for small children.

Price: $49.95

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