Wolfeboro Station. Wolfeboro, New Hampshire.

Kit 1006-A Passenger Station
Kit 1006-B Freight House

Phtoto of build up station and freight house

Phtoto of the station

Wolfeboro Station, Wolfeboro, NH - circa late 1870's.
R.C. Libby Collection

Phtoto of the station and freight house

Wolfeboro Station and Freight House, Wolfeboro, NH.
Personal photos, August, 2001.

The Wolfeborough Railroad was incorporated on July 1, 1868 to connect the town of Wolfeborough to the main line of the Portsmouth, Great Falls and Conway Railroad some 12 miles away to the west. After surveying the land construction began in November of 1871.

By the time the line was ready to be opened the Eastern Railroad had decided to lease the Wolfeborough Railroad. At the time of the lease the Eastern Railroad dropped the "ugh" from the name leaving only "Wolfeboro". The first passenger train ran the line on August 19, 1872. (The same year this station and freight house were built) On June 30, 1892 this line became the Wolfeboro Branch of the Boston and Maine Railroad.

In the 1910's the rail service began to decline. On March 19, 1927 a Sykes railcar was substituted for steam passenger service. In 1936 the B&M discontinued passenger service over the line. Freight service dwindled from one trip a day in the 1950's to only a couple times a month in the early 1970's. As the B&M was petitioning to abandon the line all together it was sold to the new Wolfeboro Railroad Company, Inc. who ran the line for both passenger (tourist) and freight until the mid 1980's.

The entire station will be made up of two separate kits:
Kit 1006-A Passenger Station
Kit 1006-B Freigiht House

The Passenger Station
Kit 1006-A
Kit 1 of 2 for the entire Wolfeboro Station
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Kit 1006-A: Price: TBA

The Freight House
Kit 1006-B
Kit 2 of 2 for the entire Wolfeboro Station

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Kit 1006-B: Price: TBA

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